Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 Portable XRF Analyzer

Confidently perform elemental analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 handheld XRF analyzer. When versatility, functionality and analytical performance are top of mind, industrial businesses rely on the Niton XL5 for fast results and low detection limits. Identify pure metals and alloys, detect tramp elements, or obtain geochemical data, the Niton XL5 provides operators the ability to scan a broad range of materials in one versatile analyzer.


The Thermo Scientific™ iCAP 7200™ ICP-OES is a powerful simultaneous dual view spectrometer based on the core technologies of the New Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Series ICP-OES. The iCAP 7200 ICP-OES is a simple alternative to the Atomic Absorption technique and Microwave Plasma technology providing a multi-element analysis solution for laboratories with increasing demands for sample throughput and lower detection limit capability.

The instrument is driven by the Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS) platform software. Developed to combine highly efficient workflow, easy data management, scalability and compliance, Qtegra ISDS delivers simplicity, productivity, efficiency and quality in the analysis workflow.

The instrument is uniquely optimized to reduce gas consumption and running costs with a highly efficient plasma torch and interface design. Integral product components include analysis ready sample introduction kits and pre-loaded method templates. These features enable simple ‘out-of-box’ operation for rugged, consistent day-to-day analyses and help analysts who are new to the ICP-OES technique to achieve standard operator competence with minimal training.

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ARL™ EQUINOX 100 X-ray Diffractometer

Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ EQUINOX 100 X-ray diffractometer (XRD) is designed to meet structural and phase analysis requirements in both industrial and research laboratories. The bench-top design is ideal and a cost-effective solution for routine QC/QA in industrial labs, dynamic studies, formulation determinations and teaching in university and colleges.

The ARL EQUINOX 100 instrument features a unique curved position sensitive detector for real-time simultaneous acquisition of full pattern, enabling faster analysis, in situ experimentations, and crystalline phase development/phase transitions.

  • Reliable and robust with no moving parts
  • High intensity from low power microfocus source
  • Real-time simultaneous data acquisition
  • Versatile sample entry and analysis

ARL™ PERFORM’X Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Solve analytical challenges in a wide range of applications with one comprehensive tool. The Thermo Scientific™ ARL™ PERFORM’X Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer for advanced materials characterization integrates bulk elemental analysis with mapping and small spot analysis to create a solution that evaluates up to 90 elements in nearly any solid or liquid sample. Industries as diverse as metallurgy, petroleum, polymers, mining, glass, cement and refractories as well as labs dealing with geochemistry, materials science, environmental research and forensics will benefit from its performance and versatility

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ARL™ QUANT’X EDXRF Spectrometer

The new ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer is more efficient, easier to operate, and less expensive to own, providing manufacturers and researchers across a wide range of applications a state-of-the-art instrument to solve their most challenging analytical tasks.