AA Single Element Standards

More than 31 elements available at 1000 ppm in 125 and 500 ml bottles for flame and graphite furnace atomic absorption.

CONOSTAN Oil Standards

The Conostan® Division of SCP SCIENCE is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of Elements in Oil standards and related spectroscopy products.

Conostan's industry leading position is derived from superior product chemistry, manufacturing technology, and blending techniques. Conostan products are used extensively in the calibration and operation of analytical instruments for the analysis of elements in oil and other organic fluids.

Inorganic Ventures

With innovative technology and techniques developed over more than three decades in business, Inorganic Ventures’ certified reference materials (CRMs) allow your laboratory to generate accurate and reproducible data using reliable standards. As an ISO 17034 accredited CRM manufacturer with standards in laboratories all over the world, you can have the utmost confidence that Inorganic Ventures’ certified reference materials offer the highest level of quality assurance, accuracy and traceability.


Industry, academia, and government use NIST SRMs to facilitate commerce and trade and to advance research and development. Presently NIST SRMs are currently available for use in areas such as industrial materials production and analysis, environmental analysis, health measurements and basic measurements in science and metrology. NIST SRMs are also one mechanism for supporting measurement traceability in the United States.


As a major preparer of Custom CRMs Ore Research & Exploration has extensive experience in the preparation and certification of a diverse range of Custom CRMs, including Gold ,gold-silver, gold-copper-(molybdenum), copper, copper-gold-uranium, copper-molybdenum, iron, nickel laterite, nickel sulphide, zinc oxide, Zn-Pb-Ag sulphide and oxide, polymetallic (Au-Cu-Zn-Pb-Ag), platinum group elements, tungsten, uranium, Rare Earth Elements (REE), manganese, phosphate, concentrates, tails and related metallurgical materials, tin, molybdenum, chromium, phosphorous, niobium-tantalum, multi-element lithogeochem, concentrates, tails and related metallurgical materials.